Know where your herbs come from.  I studied herbs for two years and practice the SAFE acquisition, storage, and testing of herbs.  My husband spent two years in Asia (Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, and Burma)  and personally met some farmers and suppliers.  He also saw MANY places that are less than sanitary (understatement), yet still export to the USA regularly.  Did you know that some people don’t even wash the herbs and then dry leaves out by just throwing them outside on the ground, instead of the proper way, which is to hanging them upside down, indoors?  What if animals passed by or birds flew over?  It’s a jungle out there, literally!

About storage:  I suggest storing your herbs in a cool, dry area, and in a ziplock baggy with all the air out of it, not in a jar or open.  Do not mix herbs that you have not already discovered can be mixed, because they are not always stable when mixed and stored together.

ONLY BUY HERBS IN STORES OR FROM REAL COMPANIES.  We, and other REAL herbal stores TEST the herbs frequently.  The “local dude” or “random dude you don’t really know online” who gets them cheaply and sells them to you for a bit less usually does NOT pay to have them tested, and YOU PAY for his profit, by risking the most important thing you have, your health.  Yes, people DO get bad herbs, and people DO get sick for trying to take a shortcut.  We could get the cheap stuff too, but choose not to for a very good reason.

We have never, ever had a customer get sick or not be pleased with the quality of our products.  The unique freshness (and safety) of our products is made possible by our importing via express-type (faster) mail instead of importing cheaply via containers, which can take weeks in the smoldering heat and then more time in a dock and finally more time in a warehouse.  Time and heat effects both freshness and safety of herbal products.  So we pay much more per kg than most companies do to get the products here, yet are able to still able to offer you very fair prices because of our high volume business model, primarily supplying many retail locations and also selling online.

About shipping:  Depending on what time of the day an order is placed, it usually ships the next business day, via USPS priority, and then from that point, according to on where you live in the States, can generally take form one to three days to get to you.  If you live in a rural location ALL packages take longer to get to you.  Packages are dropped off in Keller, TX, and depending on the direction of your location, it may take an additional day for the package to transit through Fort Worth city before going to you.  That’s why on the cart page it says, “usually 1-2 days”.  Yet, our happiest customers take the common sense approach.  They realize that it saves them money per ounce and saves shipping costs and transit time to order by the pound or kilo versus smaller amounts.  This must be why our average ticket is the pound or kilogram size.  And of course they leave a reasonable cushion of time for processing and shipping when ordering, especially if they live in a rural area.  If you know you will reorder, why not do it when you have a couple weeks supply left?  That’s what the happiest clients do.  That way if there is a delay, or a mix-up (very rare) you are covered, because you took the WISE approach.  And stress for everyone involved is simply avoided.  In the unlikely case we are busy servicing the stores we supply (our first priority) or out of town for a couple days, it may take longer to ship, in which case a generous bonus is added.  This almost never happens, and only happened twice last year, but it is a (very unlikely) possibility that you have just been informed of.  If you forgot to order in advance and want to confirm with us before ordering, just give us a text (preferred) or a call.  We are very happy to text or speak with you!  Emailing is NOT the best way to get ahold of us quickly.  Again, most orders get to people very quickly.

Local meet-up:

Locals who meet up get the products for a slightly discounted price, which is for the same prices that the local stores pay for it before they mark up prices and sell again.  The average purchase size in person is one pound or a kg, while first timers are encouraged to get smaller amounts to try first.  There is a $30 minimum.  Text me and I will reply with the price sheet and you can look at it yourself and determine what your total will be based on what you want to get.  We will usually meet up at one of the local stores I supply.  You may end up waiting a little bit while I help another customer or if I get a last minute order, just like you wait in line at the grocery store, right?  That’s part of shopping, so if you are not cool with that, buy it in the store and pay full store price.  If you can not meet me I suggest you call me to see which local store I supply is closest to you, or just buy on this site so it can be priority shipped to you.  Please bring exact change and get out of your car when you see me.  I will more than likely be speaking with a customer when you get there, so if you want to let me know you arrived, please send a text instead of calling.  Please leave your phone on in case I need to call you.

A few locals who tried getting herbs from “some dude” while we were out of town for a few days last year, and three of them got sick!  Stick to the safety of local stores if you can’t meet me!  Not all herbs shipped to the USA are safe for human consumption, especially the cheap ones!  Some are sent very cheaply for use in soap or exfoliators and and then sold as herbal anyway.  Since we buy in very high volume, the ONLY way a local could possibly compete with our prices is if he was buying it from the cheaper, less safe sources.

I do meet locals on the same day when I can, but please do call me as soon as you know that you’d like to meet up, because we usually set it up for the next day and usually during the week only and almost never on holidays or holiday weekends (but you can always try).   If it’s your first time, I will come and meet you as soon as possible independent of the amount you want to pick up.  Yet, if it’s not your first time, and you are wanting a small amount (under $100) let me know that in the beginning of the conversation (talking or texting) because I’ll schedule you together with others wanting a small amount, so I can do the mini-orders together which is more efficient use of my time and helps me keep the prices low.  Also, I won’t tell you I can meet up, thinking it’s a NORMAL order (pound or more) and then find out you are wanting a mini-order that must be scheduled with other orders.  Telling me you want a mini order after I agree to meet up just makes it awkward for both of us.   Most locals won’t bother driving here or meeting up for a smaller order so if you are wanting a mini-order that’s OK, but do please be sure to let me know in the beginning of the conversation, not after I’ve said that I can meet you and then you surprise me with the baby order.  Orders under $100 is usually not same day because putting all the tiny-orders together usually takes some coordination.  There is a $30 minimum for any and all local pickup.  My Marine Corps / military police officer veteran husband comes with, and usually stays in the car.

Health and Beauty:  After graduating from Mudd makeup school-Los Angeles in 2000 I worked as a Hollywood makeup artist, both on-set in studios and on location, until I married a producer / photographer and we moved out of California years later in 2010.  In forming business relationships that turned into lasting friendships with some actors and models, I discovered (and continue to discover) how these talented people are obsessed with products that help them look their best but refuse (generally) to use products not may cause negative long term effects.  I appreciate their demand for quality and safety because I am that way too, and I’m still constantly learning from these friends in “the business”.  This is how I provide the tried-and-true products for my S.N.A.P. (Safe Natural Alternative Products) line.

Attention Dallas / Fort Worth locals:  We are looking for local men and women models and actors who use or would like to use my products to appear in our fall photo / video shoot.  You would be photographed one or two months before the shoot and provided with the products to last you until the shoot so we can get an honest before and after shot of you.  We only need one person with each look so contact me if you are interested.

Herbs for use:  It’s not easy for those dealing with the pressures of real Hollywood work to relax.  And most people in the industry find their own little way of doing it, be it yoga breaks between shoots, bumps of drugs, chanting, whatever.  Well, towards the end of my time in Hollywood a unique trend developed among the masses in which people would engage in Eastern relaxation methods, use more herbs, and even get more Eastern-type messages.  I saw it as a small victory for they industry because people who FEEL that they NEED to pop a pill to relax could very safely pop a capsule of kava or passionfruit extract, which was much better for them (and better for those who had to work with them).  I also began to see women making incredible botanical masks that worked quite well and doing amazing things with their skin through herbs, and I developed a great respect for the botanicals.  As someone who studied beauty I was already well aware of the benefits of many of these herbs for people’s skin, hair, and bodily functions.  So the herbal fascination began and I’ve made available here just some of the herbs (more are coming) that I believe were responsible for improvements I personally saw in people I worked with

I love making people happy with these products so please let me know how things go for you and please comment to me on the blog!!  You can ask questions and start topics there too!  Keep in mind that if you live in a rural area it usually takes longer to get your package to you and we welcome your text (preferred) or call any time, but generally customer support is Monday-Friday 10-5.


DISCLAIMER: WHILE SOME OF THE PRODUCTS ARE FOR INTERNAL USE, Mitragyna Speciosa sold on this site is NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION.  All products on this site are subject to the terms & conditions on this site.

       ♥ Erica




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